Limitations Applicable to all Warranties

All warranties are to the original purchaser only. Proof of purchase is required for all claims.

All warranties are limited to manufacturing and material defects that appear under normal, residential use. Additional limitations described herein apply.

Warranties are for repair, replacement only, in Metal And Oak Designs sole discretion. Refunds are not available.

Metal And Oak Designs will pay reasonable and customary rates for labor during the period of the labor warranty. You will be responsible for labor costs after the stated time period.

You are responsible for service part handling fees, in-home inspection fees, and transportation of the product to and from the dealer.

Warranties are voided by evidence of excessive soiling, improper cleaning or treatment, abuse, or abnormal use or use contrary to the advisories or instructions contained herein. Warranties do not apply to products used for rental, business, commercial, institutional, or other non-residential uses.

Wood – lifetime Warranty

If the wood fails structurally (i.e., broken frame) we will, at our option, replace, repair or refinish the product in the original color and style, if available, or in a similar color and style if the original has been discontinued. Wood requires user maintenance and changes in the color, texture and shape of wood are normal and should be expected to occur over time as the natural material ages. Therefore, fading color textures and shape changes in wood frames are not covered by this warranty. Components such as chair feet are subject to wear and tear and are not considered part of the frame.

Frame (Steel,Cast, Extruded Aluminum) –lifetime warranty 

If the furniture frame fails structurally (i.e. broken frame or welds) we will replace in the original color and style, if available, or in a similar color and style if the original has been discontinued. Damage to frames or welds due to freeze damage and/or improper assembly are not covered.

Care and Maintenance

Be careful to never allow water to build up in frames as this will cause corrosion and freeze damage in cold climates. Wash all frames with a solution of mild soap and water. Rinse with clean water and dry with a soft absorbent cloth towel. Frames can be treated with a liquid wax for maximum protection against UV rays and/or salty, damp air. If your set includes cushions, slings, and/or an umbrella, they may be cleaned by hand with a solution of soap and water with a clean water rinse. Never machine wash cushions, slings or umbrella covers as this will result in shrinkage or damage. After cleaning cushions, tip on end and allow to drip dry. Never use a commercial or home dryer to tumble dry fabric goods. Do not use bleach or solvents to clean any product! This will void the warranty. NOTE: Lack of original receipt will void the warranty!