About us

Family owned and operated 

At Metal And Oak Designs we know that you want to be worry free and relaxed knowing everything is covered while shopping for furniture. In order to do that, you need something perfect, something made special just for you. The problem is the big box store’s can’t offer custom quality furniture. Our process is a bit longer and more detail oriented, which may make you feel skeptical. 

Big box stores offer low quality furniture, in hopes you return soon to make another purchase. We believe they keep you in a loop of spending money on poor quality items.

We understand your frustration,  which is why we build every piece to last as long as possible. 

Here’s how we do it:

1 (we start with a free consultation to get details about your idea(s). 

2 (we draft plans and go over the details to make sure we have it perfect).

3 (we inform you through the process until your piece has been completed). 

So, we can build the perfect piece of furniture for you. And in the meantime, incorporate all of your ideas into the piece so it comes out perfect. So you can stop constantly replacing low quality furniture year after year, and dealing with wobbly uncomfortable tables. And instead enjoy high quality, reliable custom furniture.